Suggested accommodations

Be inspired!

This page regularly features selected accommodations for particular themes. Be inspired and browse our website to find other unique places for cyclists.

Extra family-friendly

Why not enjoy your cycling holiday with your whole family? These accommodations are extra child-friendly.

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Extra luxurious

Looking for the lavish life? Check out these accommodations.

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Cycling and water sports

At these places, you can combine cycling with surfing, sailing, rowing, or canoeing.

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Extra picturesque campsites

Doesn’t biking feel more adventurous with your tent strapped to your rack? Take your home wherever you go while cycling as far as you like (or can).

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Extra bike-friendly hosts

Some Bett+Bike accommodations got that extra mile for their cycling guests and offer special services or get rave reviews from cyclists.

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Time machine

Some Bett+Bike accommodations teleport their guests to another era!

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Extra nice views

After cranking those pedals for a day, all you want when you arrive is to relax.

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Peculiar places

Ever thought of crashing at a former jail? Or in a historical sleeping car?

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Pastoral farmhouses

Picturesque settings, crisp country air, and beautifully restored farmhouses await bike tourists throughout Germany.

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