Unforgettable bicycle holidays

There’s lots to explore, not just on but also about bike tours. The Bett+Bike editorial team collects information for you every day. Which must-have gadgets do I need for my bike tour? Which are the most inspiring cycling blogs? How do I plan my bike trip? Browse our site to get answers to these questions and many more.

5 tips on cycling in the dark

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting colder – but no need to leave your bike in the basement! Our 5 tips for cycling in the dark will get you through the winter safely.

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Cycle touring with kids

Why not keep the bunch busy on your next family holiday? A cycling holiday is a great way to forge the family spirit and have unforgettable experiences. Find out what to keep in mind when planning a bike tour for the whole family!

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Pre-cycling tour checklist

Planning is everything when you’re heading for a bike tour. Save the fun parts for your cycling holiday with our to-do list, and tick off potential issues before they even occur!

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5 tips for your cycling tour

There’s no more beautiful way to go on holiday – absolute freedom, peace of mind, unlimited fresh air, and wholesome exercise. But you better prepare well to keep your two-wheel trip from turning into a vicious cycle… Heed our advice to make sure your bike trip becomes a ride in the park.

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5 questions before a bike holiday

Cycling tours are a great way to slow down and get some exercise. Germany boasts a cycling route network of 40,000 km – that’s one trip around the equator! But how to choose the right bike tour for you? Ask yourself these questions to narrow down your choices:

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Bike camping checklist

A two-wheel camping trip is only as fun as the preparation. Nothing’s worse than hauling excess luggage. Except maybe heading out completely underequipped… Take a look at our checklist of five essentials for every bicycle camping tour!

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