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Hop on and start rolling: The Bett+Bike app is your gateway to over 5,800 bike-friendly hosts all over Europe, such as hotels, holiday apartments, guesthouses, hostels, or campsites.

The Bett+Bike app shows you all nearby bike-friendly hosts and campsites plus all sports bike-friendly Bett+Bike Sports locations on a map. Just pick an accommodation or campsite on the map or open a list view of all nearby places.


Bett+Bike – now for your smartphone

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The Bett+Bike app is available for free at the App Store for iPhones or at the Google Play Store for Android.

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Targeted search

Narrow down your search. For example, you can filter by all hosts and campsites along a particular cycling route, by town, or by tourist region. You can also filter by accommodation type (e.g. hotel), by minimum and maximum room price, and the minimum number of total rooms. The search returns a list of all matching Bett+Bike hosts, which you can sort by distance, number of stars, or alphabetically.

Easy to reach

You can see details for each accommodation, such as prices, facilities, and location. You can reach each accommodation by phone or e-mail to ask for available rooms. Just tap the address field to navigate from your current location to your chosen host.

The Bett+Bike app offers updated daily information and also works offline (with GPS).

Functions at a glance

  • See all bike-friendly Bett+Bike hosts near you on a map or as a list.
  • Search all bike-friendly or sports bike-friendly Bett+Bike hosts near you, sorted by city / postal code, nearby cycling routes, or tourist region.
  • Filter your search by minimum/maximum price, type of accommodation, and minimum number of rooms.
  • View all information for any Bett+Bike host (photos, services & facilities, prices, contact data).
  • One-click call or e-mail to your Bett+Bike host from the app.
  • Navigate to your Bett+Bike destination from your current location.
  • Rate your Bett+Bike host.

Help & support for the Bett+Bike app

The Bett+Bike app is your reliable info source on bike trips and makes planning your next bike holiday easier. The app shows you all nearby bike-friendly Bett+Bike hosts. You can also search for hosts along a long-distance cycling route, in a tourist region, or in a specific city or country.

Map view

After starting the app, you'll see your location on a map. All surrounding Bett+Bike hosts are indicated by icons. If you zoom out, the icons will merge into a red circle showing the number of local hosts. This circle shows you how many Bett+Bike hosts there are in your region. Click on a host's Bett+Bike icon to show the name. Click the name again to see details for this host (also refer to "Detailed view").

If you click the list icon in the bottom navigation bar, you'll see a list of all nearby Bett+Bike hosts. You can sort this list (also refer to "List view").

Search form

Click the looking glass icon in the bottom navigation bar to open the search form. Here you can define criteria to filter the results.

You can search for Bett+Bike hosts along long-distance cycling routes, within tourist regions, or by city and country. You can also filter the search by type of accommodation (e.g. hotel), minimum or maximum price per room, and minimum number of rooms.

The search form saves your settings, so you don't have to enter them all over again for a new search. Click the reset button on the top right to remove all filters.

List view

The list view shows you all hosts near you by default. You can also filter the list. Click the sort button (arrow icon on the top right) to sort the results by distance from your location, by number of stars, or alphabetically.

Narrow down your search by clicking the search button (at the top of the list view or in the navigation bar). This takes you back to the search form.

Detailed view

Pick a bike-friendly host to open the detailed view. It shows all info about this host (such as images, prices, facilities, location).

Click the phone icon to call the host or the letter icon to e-mail the host and ask about available rooms.

You can click the arrow icon next to the address to navigate from your current location to the chosen host. This opens Google Maps (on Apple devices you need Safari and Google Maps installed), where you can choose your bike route.


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Questions about the app

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