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Bett+Bike Sports

The extra certification Bett+Bike Sports guarantees special safety, service, care and equipment for sportive cycling tourists. The German Cyclists’ Association (ADFC) has developed the criteria for Bett+Bike Sports with experts from the German Mountain Bike Initiative (DIMB).



There is a theft-proof room with generous space for your premium bike.



You can get up-to-date local weather information, purchase energy food and electrolyte drinks, and borrow or purchase special cycling maps.



A drying room ensures that wet sportswear can dry overnight. A laundry machine or the hotel laundry service is available for you. There is a separate washing area for your bike. If you want to go for a ride after your check-out, you can still take a shower until the afternoon.



There is a suitable room for doing repairs and adjustments on your bike. The available equipment includes spare tubes, patch kits, and special tools for sports bikes. If you need a spare part, the host can put you in contact with the nearest specialized workshop.