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Quality certificate

Bett+Bike Holiday Homes

Minimum criteria

The following six criteria must be met for the “Holiday Homes” quality certificate:

  • Free lockable room to store bicycles over night
  • Extra room for drying clothes and equipment
  • Cooking space or kitchen and info on where to get groceries
  • Towels and bedsheets
  • Information about regional tourist offers
  • Free bicycle repair kit and contact to nearby workshop

Additional services

In addition, at least three other services from the following options must be provided:

  • Guests also accepted for one night only
  • Advice for guests on environmentally friendly departure and arrival with public transportation (especially for bikes on trains)
  • Pick-up and drop-off service for cycling guests
  • High-quality bicycles for rent
  • E-bikes for rent
  • E-bike charging stations
  • Day trips to the surroundings offered
  • Luggage pick-up from previous stay or transfer to next accommodation
  • Cooperation with a bicycle workshop
  • Navigation devices for rent
  • Free WiFi
Download detailed information on conditions for the criteria as well as our services and benefits.

Registration documents

If you meet all seven minimum criteria and at least three of the additional criteria, you are ready to register. You can find the documents here:

Bett+Bike registration documents


If you don’t yet meet all the quality criteria, simply contact your regional management office. We’re happy to actively support your certification efforts.