You don’t just use your bike for everyday errands, but also enjoy exploring the world on two wheels? When on vacation, you’re looking for places that cater to the special needs of cyclists? Looking for cycling routes and suggested tours throughout Germany and Europe? Planning one or more day trips at your destination? Or are you looking for general ideas for your bike vacation?

BETT+BIKE is just what you need!

Search over 5,800 hotels, hostels, guesthouses, campsites, or holiday apartments all over Germany and Europe to find the right place for you!

Whether luxury hotel, small and cozy bed & breakfast, or nature campsite by the lake – Bett+Bike hosts welcome one-night guests and offer a safe place to lock your bike.

We offer ideas for active or relaxed bike tours. Explore spectacular river, sea, or mountain routes. Whether you roll at a leisurely pace or race against the clock – browse all the options in one place.

Find more than 120 (long-distance) cycling routes and thousands of kilometers just waiting to be explored!

After a long day in the saddle, unwind at a beautifully restored farmhouse in a pastoral setting with plenty of fresh air. Or enter a historic residence that takes you to another era and reverberates with living history.

Experience unforgettable seaside views, enchanted mill ponds, remote forests, or deep gorges from atop a mountain peak.

Or do you prefer more unusual lodging? How about a former jail, a historical sleeping car, a wine barrel, or a furnished construction trailer?

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or targeted information – we hope you’ll enjoy the preparation as much as your trip!